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Did you know that people with high blood pressure are four times more likely to die from stroke and three times more likely to die from heart disease? High blood pressure also causes kidney disease and is linked to Alzheimers, among other serious diseases. Most people do not notice any symptoms indicating that they have high blood pressure, known as hypertension. Fortunately, most people can also lower their blood pressure through lifestyle changes and medication. In fact, reducing your blood pressure by 13 mmHg reduces your chances of stroke by 37% and cardiovascular disease by 25%. If you want to see more facts about hypertension, click here.

Introducing BProactive 3.0

High blood pressure is a serious problem and BProactive has been completely redesigned to empower patients with hypertension to achieve healthy blood pressure. Previous versions of the app were designed to allow patients to record blood pressure measurements for monitoring by healthcare providers. This new version takes an active role in your hypertension care by guiding you through the steps required to bring high blood pressure down to a healthy level.

A Patient Driven Solution

BProactive provides personalized guidance to individuals who need help getting hypertension under control.

Treating high blood pressure often requires a combination of lifestyle changes and medications.  To determine the right treatment for you, your healthcare provider will usually start with a minimal treatment and then intensify in steps until healthy blood pressure is reached.  This process can take an unnecessarily long time, with many people never acquiring the right treatment for their own unique situation.  Ineffective treatment often occurs when your healthcare provider does not have enough accurate blood pressure readings to make an informed treatment change or because your provider simply does not review the impact of your treatment often enough, or lastly, because you, the patient, have given up in frustration.

BProactive and an inexpensive home blood pressure monitor empower you to improve your blood pressure on your own terms.

BProactive will guide you towards healthy blood pressure by assessing your blood pressure at the right times, recommending when you need to consult your healthcare provider about a treatment update, providing important information to share with your healthcare provider, and helping you to maintain healthy blood pressure once your goal is reached.

BProactive will stay with you and give you friendly nudges until you get to your goal. Once at your goal, the app will check in on you periodically to ensure you maintain healthy blood pressure.

Unboxed Health Incorporated has developed BProactive and is dedicated to helping individuals achieve healthy blood pressure.  Download the app using the link here.

Unboxed Health Incorporated has a Medical Device Establishment Licence from Health Canada.

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