The Silent Killer

High blood pressure is often called the silent killer because its symptoms are almost imperceptible and serious damage to your body occurs over time.

The Challenges

Successfully reaching healthy blood pressure depends on a combination of factors.

Knowing Your Blood Pressure

Too few reliable measurements means neither you nor your healthcare practitioner is certain of your actual blood pressure.

Following your Treatment Plan

It can be difficult to follow your treatment plan, including making lifestyle changes and taking prescribed medication.

Reviewing with your Healthcare Provider

Treatment results should be reviewed at the right time and adjustments to your treatment made promptly. Knowing when to review is not always clear.

Being Proactive

The best way to overcome the challenge of getting your blood pressure to a healthy level is to take charge of your condition and Be Proactive.

The BProactive app empowers you by guiding you through the normal phases of hypertension treatment.  It will tell you when to measure and assess your blood pressure level, prompt you to review your condition with a healthcare provider, monitor the results of any prescribed treatment, and provide you with important personalized information to help you make decisions, all in a timely manner.


The most important thing you can do to get your blood pressure to a healthy level is to take charge of your condition, Be Proactive and commit to a plan.

The BProactive App with its BProactive Assistant feature can help you achieve your goal by providing a personalized experience.

Download the free app and use it to measure and track your blood pressure properly, monitor your progress, show your results to your healthcare practitioner, and receive important information to help lower your blood pressure.  The BProactive Assistant will automatically track your results and provide you with guidance.

Get BProactive

BProactive will be released to both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store in February 2019

Stay tuned!  Follow us on social media for the latest release news. Links to the app store downloads will also be provided here.

BProactive for Clinicians

Achieving successful outcomes in Hypertension care can be resource intensive

BProactive Clinic Assist can help

Tracking treatment outcomes and updating care plans requires clinical resources that are often already stretched.  Patients’ blood pressure must be measured regularly, results need to be reviewed, expected outcomes determined, and treatments updated.

BProactive connects patients and clinicians, guiding treatment between visits.

Value Based Care

Bringing efficiency to Hypertension treatment

BProactive has been designed to achieve outcomes at low cost.  This makes it perfectly suited for providers pursing a value based solution for their hypertension patients.


BProactive is designed to integrate into your clinical workflow, automating time-consuming tasks and allowing clinicians to focus on seeing patients.

BProactive is effective in traditional clinics and is ideally suited to work with a Telehealth service.  BProactive automates the workflow steps below, triggering consults and follow-ups, without consuming additional clinical resources.

Interested in finding out how easy it is to add virtual hypertension care to your practice or for a free trial?

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BProactive Value

For Patients

Receive continuous guidance from diagnosis to treatment to regular BP checks.

Measure blood pressure from home.

Patient and provider see realtime results of treatment.

For Practices

Satisfied patients that see results and feel connected to their provider.

Hypertension treatment outcomes that exceed the national average for hypertension.

Regular and predictable patient follow-ups.

For Payers

Patient and provider satisfaction.

Supports value based model.

Reduction in expensive long term treatment costs for heart disease, stroke, dementia.


It’s time to take hypertension care from bench to bedside…to home.

Use BProactive to provide the standard of care in hypertension treatment and take advantage of features based on the latest findings from scientific studies.

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